Material to clarify the theory and practice of primitivism. See the Wild Reaction subportal for information on political mechanics. See “Reading List: Primitivist Theory.”


Reports on communities seeking autonomy from industrial society and information on how they do it. Recommended first readings: “Taking Rewilding Seriously” and “What Happened at Wild Roots (in progress).”

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Repent to the Primitive

Outlines a philosophical foundation for rewilding. Recommended first reading: “Summary of Repent to the Primitive.”

The Wildernist and Hunter / Gatherer

Archived issues of two radical ecological journals that operated from 2014 to 2017. Recommended first reading: “A History of Two Magazines.”

The Indomitista Archive

Writings by and about the indomitistas, a loose-knit group of anti-industrialists and friends of Kaczynski. Recommended first readings: “Introduction to the Indomitista Archive” and “‘Preface’ to Repent to the Primitive.” Other useful resources include: 

  • Último Reducto Salvaje — The blog of one of the main theoreticians behind the indomitista groups.
  • Naturaleza Indómita — A comprehensive representation of the indomitista mode of thought.
  • El Boletín — The now-defunt internal newsletter of the indomitista group.

The Earth First! Archive

Historical documents related to the early history of Earth First!, a radical conservation organization that arose in the 1980s, and some of the groups it inspired. Recommended first reading: “The History and Impact of Earth First!” Other useful resources include:

  • Environment and Society Portal’s Earth First! Movement Writings — Includes publications by the Earth First! offshoots, Live Wild or Die! and Wild Earth.
  • Eco-Action’s Do or Die Archives — A magazine representative of radical environmentalism during the anti-globalization era.
  • The Talon Conspiracy’s radical environmentalism archives — Mostly about animal rights history, but has texts related to Earth First! and related groups.
  • Green Anarchy Archives — GA was a journal published during the anti-globalization era, heavily influenced by Earth First! and vice versa. Not to be confused with a related UK-based magazine, Green Anarchist.

The Ted Kaczynski Archive

Writings by and about Ted Kaczynski, known for his 1978-1995 bombing campaign in the name of anti-industrial revolution. Recommended first reading: “Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters.”